Accommodations at Vaishno Devi

The Shrine Board runs many Rest Houses at Vaishno Devi which are solely meant to offer comfort and total convenience to the pilgrims visiting the Holy Shrine. Some of them are free while good number of them are rented out to the pilgrims. The accommodation facilities are common in Jammu, Katra and at the Holy Track as well. The Vaishnavi Dham and Saraswati Dham complexes at Jammu offer best of the accommodation facility nearby the Jammu Tawi Railway Station. The Niharika Complex at Katra offers good option for comfortable stay just nearby the local bus stand. Some more accommodation options are at Adhkuwari, Sanjhichat and Bhawan amongst others.

Free Accommodations:

Several halls have been created at different locations in Adhkuwari, Sanjichhat & Bhawan that are used as rest houses and they make the journey of pilgrims convenient. The pilgrims find in them good resting options while they are advised to wait before they could do the Darshan of the Holy Goddess upon reaching the Holy Cave. There is no charge for these halls hence they are rushed by many. Make it the point that those coming first can get space in them. Such halls are usually used as night halts by the pilgrims arriving here. These halls are equipped with the toilet facilities as well.

Basic amenities including Blanket Stores, Toilet Blocks, Bhojanalayas & Catering Units and Medical Aid Centres have been established nearby those halls to make it convenient for the pilgrims to approach and fulfill their needs.

While there is heavy rush and festival time the nature of Rest Houses at Vaishno Devi changes and in many cases free accommodation facilities are provided at nearby locations especially Katra where Niharika complex locates. The Yatra Parchi counter II (YRC-II) too facilitates accommodation in the sheds form located nearby New Bus Stand. Pilgrims are given blankets free like the accommodation facility without paying a single penny.

Rented Accommodations:

Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board offers clean and thoroughly maintained as well as affordable accommodation facility to the pilgrims to make their journey easy and comfortable. Such facilities are commonly available at the Vaishnavi Dham and Saraswati Dham near Railway Station in Jammu and in the Niharika Yatri Niwas and Shakti Bhawan located nearby the Bus stand in Katra. One more facility of such kind is inside Trikuta Bhawan in Katra which is very much close to the 2nd Yatra counter (YRC II). The facilities are also very much in the Adkuwari and Sajichatt besides Bhawan location.

Multiple varieties of rooms are available in the accommodations or Rest Houses at Vaishno Devi like the ones in hut shape, suites and beds in the hall. These rooms are either air conditioned or not and can be chosen accordingly. Hall accommodation can be rented by paying mere Rs. 60/- per bed at Katra while Rs.80/- per bed is charged at Bhawan area. The accommodations which the Shrine Board provides have many additional features including facility for hygienic food and the Bhojanalaya with no profit no loss concept. Likewise, various souvenir Shop nearby and cloak rooms for free and private vehicle parking facility without charge are worth mentioning.

Contact the enquiry and reservation counter of Niharika Complex for accommodation and you may get one if there is availability. They can be booked through approaching the reception too for which the team of the Shrine Board Guest houses/dormitories assist the pilgrims. Use this website if you want to book accommodation online. Make such bookings well in advance to get the confirmed room as too much rush often make it impossible to get room reservations easily at any of the nearby locations. Plan your Yatra in the week days rather than choosing weekends if you aim to avoid the heavy rush.

Address for making accommodation reservations:

Officer Incharge (Enquiry and Reservation)
Shakti Bhawan, Niharika Complex (Near Bus Stand)
Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine Board, Katra - 182301 (J&K)
Phone: 01991- 234053,