Ardhkuwari Temple

Ardhkuwari - Vaishno Devi

Location of Ardhakuwari temple:

The location of this temple at the middle of the journey to Holy Shrine and especially at a place where pilgrims take a break keep it into the center of attention. Length of this cave is 15 foot although it has too much narrowness. It becomes necessary to sidle by the small entrance that has been carved from the cave to make it a door for entry. Popular belief is that no doubt the cave’s opening remains narrow but still one may enter inside if the Goddess pour mercy on such people.

Religious significance of Ardhakuwari temple:

The belief goes on that Goddess Vaishnodevi had stayed at this place for nine months and was seen by a saint thereafter. The story about the cave’s opening too is unique which states that once Bhairon came inside this cave while chasing Mata she ran away by making way for herself through the trident. That is why the gate is uniquely shaped and was planned way to escape when Bhairon was chasing her. The location of this temple at the 4,800 kilometers height above the sea level is another importance to note.

Importance of Ardhakuwari temple:

This is the place where the path for the temple turns steep hence it remains a decisive location. It is famously called Hathimathha due to the shape of elephant’s head and curves are designed accordingly.  The place has too much significance for it being the location where, as the famous belief goes on, one reaches into the Goddess lap and receives her blessings too. There is also a common belief that in case you fail to visit this place you haven’t completed this holy pilgrimage. That is why all travellers arrive at this cave to complete the pilgrimage here.  

How to reach Ardhakuwari temple:

All people journeying reach here due to it being at the midway. There are various means to reach here but walking and horse riding are common so are easier using helicopter service. One can take help of the guides available there to turn journey memorable as well as comfortable experience of life remembered ever and again.