Paduka Temple

Location of Paduka temple at a distance of approximately 1.5 kms from the Ban Ganga so is it located on the 3380 feet altitude. This place is famous for the unique relevance of possessing the pious feet impression of Maa Vaishnodevi on the rock slabs that can be witnessed even to this day. If visiting in a normal day then Darshans at the Charan Paduka hardly takes time and one can be freed in few minutes only. Pilgrims show respect to the footprints of Mata that is still seen on the rock slabs. Once done, the pilgrims move ahead. Symbolic relevance of this short stay is to touch Mata’s feet and to get blessings before actual start of the spiritual journey commencement.  

One special medical unit has been developed by the Shrine Board that facilitates all the required medical facilities so are the team of well-trained medical staff ready to attend the needy.