Sanjhi Chhat

The official system over here used to be totally different before its takeover in 1986. Many shops existed inside small cubicle areas, the waste was thrown by the shopkeepers anywhere on the hills. There was no management which further created a place which was hard to visit, the bad smell was being intolerable. Except Chhabils, there was no drinking water available. There was no proper place to stay, even the basic toilet facility was not there. Dharmarth Trust constructed a Dharamshalla.

The Shrine Board took over the management of the shrine and the process of improvement of Sanjhi Chhat saw immense development. First of all to clean the hill side, the board took over the work of improving the sanitation facilities. The kiosks were abstracted and were moved to some other place.  Kota stone and white marble was laid on the main platform and by construction of a fountain and flood lights over it, it was beautified. Toilet blocks and a place for shopping were build. The provision for water was added in large amount. A 24 bedded hospital was made functional for the betterment of the medication for the devotees. Helipad was also being made which led to the development of Helicopter Facility between Katra and Sanjhi Chhat.