Clothing And Accessories

Make sure you have taken heavy woolen clothes especially if visiting the place in wintertime. Light woolen cloths would be ok if arriving at this place in the rest months of the year. Although Katra and nearby locations face hot and humid daytime climate in summers but the main Shrine region named Bhawan still face coldness in the nighttime. Abundant blankets are there and given to the pilgrims free hence there is no need to have them in the pilgrimage. Pilgrims are advised to carry canvas shoes to make their Yatra comfortable. It is not advisable to get fancy footwear that creates difficulty for the pilgrims to walk on the track. Use shoes with flat or platform soles to make the walk comfortable. Have a walking stick to make the steep climbing easy if walking. Also, ensure that you are carrying umbrellas or raincoats meant for the rainy season of the year. The way to Holy Shrine and places including katra are full of shops that sell shoes, cameras, walking sticks, torches, head bands and umbrellas etc. which one might require and didn’t known them earlier. Such stuffs can also be hired on negotiable but reasonable rates. Keep in mind though that quality of certain such items won’t be at par. That is why one should carefully check them prior to hiring or buying.