Before Yatra

  • The bus stand near Katra is where you will find the Yatra Registration Counter. Yo8u have to get a Yatra slip from here, so that you get the required permission to travel through the trek.  Devotees need not pay anything for getting this slip. If you want to go beyond the Banganga check point, you should have the yatra slip with you.
  • For staying at the rental accommodations available at Katra, Sanjichhat or Bhawan or Ardhkuwari, you have to book for the same in advance at the Enquiry and Reservation Counter, located at Niharika Complex.
  • When you hire porters, ponies and palanquins, cross check to see they are authorised or registered operators. Never pay them rates that are more than the permissible limit. Note down their numbers first, before using their services and never trust anybody blindly with your valuables.
  • Never carry any electronic or video equipment with you on the track. They are strictly prohibited items and you may have to leave them at Katra itself.
  • Never carry unnecessary luggage  on the track. Take only what is necessary and leave all the other no-so-necessary things at Katra itself. When you travel light on the track, it makes your journey comfortable.