Bhaint Shops


Chunri (a red coloured drape), Sarees, Cholas, Silver or Gold ornaments, flowers, dry Fruits, etc are allowable inside the temple.

These offerings are known as Bhaints. A proper Bhaint consists of Prasad, fullian, Chunni, Makhana, Mouli, Coconut, and Pooja samagri.

Bhaint shop at Bhawan offers nicely covered bhaints in environmental friendly packs at fair prices. From the cave, the holy water passes and the pilgrims can fill that water in a bottle which they can buy from there as well.

Coins of pure gold and silver are prepared by the Shrine Board. There are images that have been incarnated on the coin, one side is Holy Pindies and other side is Goddess Durga. At the outer side of the Holy Cave and on the side of the Bhawan place, these coins are made available at the prashad counter.

Chatters of pure silver can be provided soon as per the decisions of the shrine board. It is estimated that these will be existing at the Bhaint shop soon to facilitate the yatris who would want to offer the same chatters to the Goddess.

Food items are not permitted in the temple and also devotees should abstain from purchasing such stuff. Coconuts too are not allowed inside the temple because of security reasons. But they are not refused either for the reason of being so closely attached to the bhaints. Before entering the holy cave, Coconuts are not to be submitted at the Main Waiting Hall and take the token back. After having Darshans, they can take their coconuts back from the exit gate’s counter.

No cash is to be handed over to the priest or any other person. It can only be deposited in the donation box.

A proper receipt is to be received after the donation has been made.