Bhojanalayas at Vaishno Devi

Various refreshment units run by the Shrine Board facilitate availability of biscuits, cold-drinks, tea, coffee, milk and mineral water amongst others. Location of all such units has been chosen strategically to ensure pilgrims get benefitted to the best extent and at the same juncture they can enjoy beautiful view of the valley while taking food. That is why such points are denoted with View Points. In total 12 such viewpoints are located in the way. The old track accommodates 9 of the all refreshment units while the new one have three on the Bhawan track also called alternate one. These food joints run on the no-loss no-profit basis. Equally are they notable to ensure best food quality and the value for the money is spent by the pilgrims in the journey.

Bigger viewpoints are known for serving meals, bread and buns while the tinier ones sell packed food stuffs like beverages and snacks. These viewpoints also have facility to provide oxygen cylinders, milk to feed babies and cassettes.

Usually all the viewpoints in the way are situated on or nearby the resting points famous as Vishram Sthals. Such locations are covered thoroughly by the sheds so do they offer good comfort to the pilgrims nearby the benches for best use. Other facilities include drinking water and toilets for the pilgrims. The facilities are therefore worth noting as they offer best avenues to rest and rejuvenation besides good option for eating and drinking.


The Shrine Board has thoroughly planned Bhojanalyas which offer excellent foods. They offer hygienic food to the pilgrims in affordable rates. Such facilities are additional besides other refreshment options in the 12 viewpoints that have ample options. All items are sold in cheaper rates due to the strict policy of the Shrine Trust to supply food to the pilgrims in the no-profit no-loss basis.

Five Bhojanalyas are run by the Shrine Board in total out of them all three are in Adkuwari, Sanjichhat and Bhawan respectively. Bhawan based Bhojanalyas remain open 24 hours and have good variety of foodstuffs for the pilgrims. The catering cell at Katra is another potential location that makes it easy for the pilgrims to enjoy the comforts especially accommodation at Niharika Complex and nearby regions.

Several private establishments too facilitate accommodation to the pilgrims as well as support them on the track. The pilgrims are though suggested to crosscheck their rates and details about quality et al while approaching them. All pilgrims are suggested that they shouldn’t pay more than the printed rate especially in the packaged products they buy.