Medical Facilites

The Shrine Trust advises the pilgrims to keep all the factors under consideration before starting journey especially taking better medical assistance if suffering from certain diseases. That is why a medical certificate is required while starting the journey. The sufferers of heart, breathing and many such problems are suggested to move ahead with their journey only when they have completed thorough medical checkup and suggestion. The tireless climbing might enhance cardiac, asthmatic and orthopedic issues. Such patients are told not to use stairs by keeping in view their health. The block hospital at Katra offer assistance to the yatries as and when required. Other facilities include charitable dispensary that work under the Shrine Board management and operate for 24 hours. The facility for Emergency needs is available at Banganga, Adkuwari, Sanjichhat and Bhawan regions. They also facilitate oxygen cylinders and differnet types of emergency medicines. The Bhawan has dispensary and 24-hr ICU facility.

Jammu though offers specialized and advanced medical treatment to pilgrims if required.