Palkis Ponis and Pithoos

The pilgrims not used to walking for long distances may find it difficult to walk for 12-13 Kms in this journey. It is definitely an extremely tiring and difficult step in the pilgrimage. Most pilgrims do attempt to choose walking in this journey but not all can do that. People face such hardships with an aim to keep them well prepared for salvation before entering into Holy Shrine. Such tiredness and facing exhaustion while walking on the trek develops holiness in mind and meditative approach develops, so are they best for preparing to devote completely to worship the Mother Goddess. Mystical calm develops in mind due to the serene environment one encounters.

Even though large chunk of pilgrims are obese and not in the position to continue walking for longer time. It is more noticeable for those suffering from breathing issues. Equally do such issues arrive for people suffering from typical ailments and or physically challenged people. Such pilgrims with special needs would require pony and palanquin services.

In few cases good number of pilgrims chose to walk up to the Holy Shrine out of devotion and faith but once they are there and finish Darshan, they are not in the position to go back by walking and are forced to complete the return journey through hiring horses. Although it is ok to hire horses or ponies but one going downhill trip too might face extensive tiredness and get exhausted unlike travelling uphill. Such things must remain in mind while choosing possible options.

Other options besides ponies are hiring porters or Pithus, as are they called popularly, who can be the best option to use for luggage carrying or taking children not feeling at home in the horse riding. They are also suitable to assist the old people of light weight. In most cases pony owners carry light luggage, Prasad and similar such items alongside the pony.

The local municipal committee manages the pony, porter and palanquin services. The owners of ponies, porters or palanquin (palki) are bound to register them with the municipal committee for permission to carry out such services for which they are assigned identity card/token number to operate. Such cards are renewable on annual basis whose fresh validity dates are mentioned on each renewal. Check the validity of their cards before hiring as anyone having invalid cards don’t qualify to operate such services. You would en counter several unregistered Pithus trying to peruse you with their invalid old ID cards. All pilgrims must take it into account that they check such details carefully and ensure hiring them with proper identity when taking porter/pony services. Keep their identity cards with you and return back only after reaching at the destination comfortably.

Fixed rates are there for such additional services for which cdetails are mentioned in various sign boards nearby. Additionally, you may also approach the Katra, Banganga and rest location based Assistance Centers for further clarification. Check for the prevailing rates applicable currently and tally them with the sign boards or Assistance Counters located nearby.

Don’t overpay and make sure that there is no bargaining at all. Pay only fixed amount but there is no harm in offering food or refreshment to them if thinking to offer and it is definitely not a compulsory thing. Approach Shrine Board Officers or municipal committee counters for any further clarification.

Ensure that if willing to hire palanquins, porters or ponies then get them in the start of the journey itself rather than searching them in in the midst which is difficult indeed. The Shrine Board Assistance Counter assist for hiring Palanquins. Approach them at the Main bus stand in Katra while the locations Chetak Bhawan nearby Darshani Darwaza is best for hiring ponies.


PONIES Upto 75 Kilogram Weight Adult from 75  to 100 Kgs Adult up to 75 kg+ child from 3 to 9 years Adult above 100 Kgs.

 Katra to Bhawan





Katra to Adh-kumari or Adh-Kumari to Bhawan





Katra to Sanjichhat





Bhawan to Katra via Bharion





Bhawan to Sanjichhat or Bhawan to Bhairon





Bhawan to Adkuwari via Bharion





PITHOOS Lugguage upto 20 Kgs or  Children upto 9 Years of Age
Katra to Bhawan and back  500.00/-
Katra to Bhawan  250.00/-
Bhawan to Katra via Bhairon  300.00/-

PALANQUINS (PALKIS) Katra to Bhawan & Back to Katra Katra to Bhawan & Back Via Bhairon

For a Yatri upto 75 Kgs weight (4 Carriers)



Weight above 75 kg but below  100 Kgs weight (4 Carriers)



For a Yatri above 100 Kgs weight (6 Carriers) 3670/- 4050/-