Souvenir Shops

Many Souvenir Shops run by the Shrine Board operate at the Bhawan area and other places such as locations at Sanjichhat, Adkuwari, Katra bus stand and at Vaishnavi Dham (Jammu) amongst others to cater to the needs of all yatries willing to preserve memories and have some of the mementos of a famous pilgrimage centfre they visit. Common items usually sold here are chunris, cholas, saris and shawls that had already been offered to the Holy Goddess and are considered revered due to that. The shops therefore sell such items in affordable rates to the visitors. Both options are there before the pilgrims to either get these stuffs and preserve them in the form of souvenirs or even use them in their own personal worship places inside the home by placing there carefully.

These Souvenir Shops also deal into various other exclusive items that include different types of CDs, audio cassettes, Holy Pindies’ laminated photos, numerous categories of Shrine Board publications, Bangle Chura and Jute Bags amongst others. Most of the Yatries can easily notice it that the items which they can buy at such exclusive shops are not found easily at general private shops except the Shrine Board owned shops.

Furthermore, several gold and silver coins of guaranteed purity have also been developed by Shrine Board with carrying the Holy Pindies impression. Such types of Gold and Silver coins can be offered at Goddess feet. One can buy them at the Prasad counter where they are sold just at the outer corner of the Holy Cave as well as at the Bhawan corners. The denomination of such coins are kept into consideration besides prevailing rates of gold and silver for pricing purpose and therefore rates are fixed accordingly.

The Souvenir Shops owned by the Shrine Board sell above mentioned items in the following places like Jammu Airport; Saraswati Dham Jammu; Vaishnavi Dham Jammu; Trikuta Bhawan Katra; Bhawan and near the Katra’s Yatra Registration counter et al.