Helicopter Booking for Vaishno Devi

The origin of the helicopter service is from the foothills of Katra and is destined at Sanjichatt. The shrine can be visited on foot from this heli pad at Sanjichatt.

To make the bookings for the helicopter, one has to first register through the official website of the Shrine board and then login through registered username and password. After successful login, select the link for making the online booking for the Helicopter services and make the selection for the desired date, route, count and name of passengers etc. After filling the desired details, select the payment gateway that takes to the bank website page where the information like credit card number, CVV number, expiry date etc. are to be supplied. After successful authentication of the credit card, the successful transaction message appears and the booking is completed successfully. The print for the booking page can be taken by the passengers.

Please Note:

  • The passenger must take the print out for the reservations done and in case the problem in transaction is being faced.
  • The devotees must confirm the following after making the booking like successful transaction status, failed transaction and the refund status on the failed transaction by login through the registered user name and password.
  • In case the transaction is made, then the person must check the details of the successful transaction in the required page and one must not make any further reservations after checking the successful reservation. One must carry the printout of the successful reservation while travelling.
  • If the transaction fails for any reason, then it is listed under the Failure transaction status and no reservations are made for the failed transactions.
  • In case of failed transaction and the deduction of amount from the bank still do not confirms the booking. The amount deducted from the bank generally gets reverted back for the failed transactions and the person must contact their respective banks for the refund.
  • In case of failed transactions and amount being deducted and yet no bookings made, then the person must send their following details for refund and the information required for refund are Track ID, user name and date of transaction made at online@maavaishnodevi.org.
  • The refund of the failed transaction is done to the card from which the bookings were tried to be made.

For getting the refunds, the person must send all the details to online@maavaishnodevi.org in a period of 30 days from the selected date of travel. The organization does not entertain any request made after the specified period.

  • The passenger must report an hour before the time specified for the helicopter departure. In case the passenger gets late beyond the time that is specified in the ticket the passenger is considered as “No Show” and the operator has every right to reserve the seat for other seeking passengers.
  • There is no charge levied for the children who are 2 years or young with the condition that the child has to remain seated in the lap of the parent or any adult travelling along. The adult has to provide the proof of address for the child who he or she claims to be 2 years or less. The operator has the right to not allow the passenger travel with the child in case of age dispute and no identity proof of the child is given.