Vaishno Devi Aarti

Two times daily Aarti of Maa Vaishnodevi is an indication of highly pious worshipping symbol organized in morning and evening times. The concept is simple that the Aarti is performed before sun rises and so is it in the evening once the sun sets down.

Although a thoroughly lengthy process but Aarti technique remains entirely consecrated one. Priests worship to continue with Aarti process in the entrance of Holy Shrine and similarly they do it in outer portion of the cave as well. Self-purification or Aatam pujan is first process prior to the start of Aarti. Water, milk and ghee are used for bathing of Goddess thereafter which is a symbolic clarified butter, honey and sugar mixture. Once above processes complete the next step is to dress up Goddess in saree, chola and chuni. Beautification process continues through using ornaments. Many shlokas and mantras are read while the processes continue which remain key attraction. Tilak placing on forehead of Goddess besides Navied or prashad offerings are the rest processes performed systematically. Priest performs pujas of different Gods and Goddesses while Aarti goes on. It is with the belief that all Gods are available there while this activity continues. Aarti of Goddess completes upon the lighting of Jyoti or divine lamp as part of final act. Once it is done and process completes the thaal used for it is brought outside. As it carries lamp and rest items being used for Aarti purpose it is sent out on holy cave’s gate for another Aarti done and is looked by pilgrims outside. Pravachans of the head priest is listened by pilgrims seating outside while Aarti goes on inside so that spiritual benefits are availed. Distribution of Prasad continues outside Holy cave once Aarti procedure is over. Usually the priest himself offers Prasads alongside holy water or charanamrit to devotees gathering outside.

It takes almost two hours to complete the whole Aarti procedure. It is the time while Darshan is not allowed so it remains suspended. It is the only time when any type of maintenance task if needed are completed.

Maa Vaishno Devi Aarti