Vaishno Devi Darshan

It is undeniable fact that the location of this Shrine at the Trikuta Mountain is once-in-a-lifetime Vaishno Devi Darshan experience for the pilgrims visiting it inside the holy cave. It is also an important means for the salvation and thorough cognizance for devotees. The important landmark, Trikuta Mountain houses the three peaks at its base which is famously called Trikoot. It is the location where Maa Vaishnodevi’s presence was revealed. It is a natural rock that symbolizes spirituality at the cave base with the three symbolic heads at top portion. They are denoted with the Holy Pindies or three heads—entirely natural rocks. The worshippers worship them as Maa Vaishnodevi revelation. Appearance of whole rock body in the water in immersed form having been decorated with the platform from marble in the circled area make it more organized. Visitors arriving here for Darshan make it a point to reach up to the three heads or Holy Pindies as devotees. Visitors feel amazed to see the unique features of these Holy Pindies which have created from a single rock but three of them are very much distinct and maintain individuality in the texture and color combination.

Maha Kali

The Holy Pindi of Mata Maha Kali or the Goddess of Supreme Energy of Dissolution is located in the right side and is demarcated with the black color of primary sign. Mata Maha Kali is known for the supreme energy of dissolution and is replica of the Tam Guna which is the key feature of the darker and all those dominions of life that are mysterious in nature. Darkness is the symbolization and key feature of Tam. As psychology and various scientific revelations explain a comparatively smaller percent of whole Universe is cognizant and the rest is either subconscious or unconscious till now. All types of mysteries associated life are the unknown realms indeed. The phenomenon called creation is time specific and limited. The eternal time or Maha Kali remains the energy which surpasses time barriers. It is a fact that humans have limited knowledge about life hence they still are in the darkness as far as getting known to it is concerned. That is why black color symbolizes it and Mata Maha Kali associates with that. Whatever is not known to the human beings and or mysteries in nature are all key sources of it. The devotees are augured by Maa Vaishnodevi to learn the key powers of Maha Kali understand and win the darker side.

Maha Lakshmi

The Supreme Energy of Maintenance symbolizes its presence through the central Holy Pindi or that of the Mata Maha Lakshmi. Its color of yellowish-red tinge is an indication of Mata Maha Lakshmi’s association which is known for the energy to maintain lifecycle. Her representation is of Rajas Guna that is an indication of inspiration qualities associated with life best efforts that remains the major source of prosperity or wealth so is it source of materialistic advantages and improved lifestyle. The golden color is a sign of wealth and prosperity which Mata Maha Lakshmi represents. That is why yellow color associates with it.

Maha Saraswati

Extreme left Pindi which the viewers see is of the Holy Mata Maha Saraswati  being worshipped by the devotees. It is an indication of the supreme energy of creation and remains under the notice of all and sundry. If looked thoughtfully you can observe the whitish tinge color scheme. Associated with the Mata Maha Saraswati, white color is well indicated by it so does it complete the whole Vaishno Devi Darshan in the Holy Shrine. As a primary force of creation, Mata Maha Saraswati is an indication of creation’s basic besides other creations including wisdom, knowledge, virtue, spiritualism, art and spiritualism amongst others. Piety is the another source from it hence whiteness symbolizes thorough purity and devoutness for the mankind. It makes Mata Maha Saraswati prime in the creation and gets signified through Satva Guna that is an indication of purity and quality of life.  

The visitors willing to have Vaishno Devi Darshan get blessings from the Mata Vaishnodevi that is very much an embodiment the supreme energies of all three discussed above.

Human beings without any reservation of race or sex have the three qualities mentioned above. Their characteristics or behavior is determined through such attributes they possess and depicted by them. A systematic balance of three characteristics is mandatory to maintain best lifestyle. It is notable that this Holy Cave is replica of all such energies which humans possess and of course it proves helpful to create important rare balances individuals develop through visits. It is one important reason that Holy Shrine of Mata Vaishnodevi distinguishes in the whole world by instilling such features.

The Darshans which pilgrims do inside the Holy Cave are of the natural rock creations named Pindies in the specific terminology. One doesn’t witness any type of idol, picture or statue inside the holy cave. The photographs  outside the symbolic Bhawan has key festures and instructions for the pilgrims who arrive here for the Holy Darshan upon reaching the Holy Cave inside. Those arriving must note that carefulness is mandatory and having an overview of instructions ease the Holy Cave Darshan for which they come.