How to Reach Vaishno Devi

It is most important to obtain detailed and adequate information of everything related to journey before planning to visit Vaishno Devi’s holy shrine. Those having made a trip to this shrine earlier too can be approached to get some information or tip about planning the pilgrim and to make best use of the trip. There are several websites available that keeps you updated through the guidelines and information on the Vaishno Devi Yatra plans. The pilgrims are supposed to arrive at Katra city nearby Jammu to make a visit to the holy shrine. As the area is the Jammu & Kashmir state’s capital, it is best connected with multiple Indian cities. It takes 80 minutes to reach Jammu from Delhi through flight. Many special trains run in this route during the summertime for Jammu station. Likewise, the bus service from different cities of north India arrive Jammu and Katra to ease pilgrimage. Choose trains, buses or flights when you plan a trip to Vaishno Devi Holy Shrine. Check their schedules in advance to make travel comfortable.

Best season to visit the Holy shrine

Avoid monsoon time and prefer winter or summertime if willing to visit Vaishno Devi Holy Shrine. Plan your trip through evaluating various websites to know which are the months when number of visitors go down. Do it and plan your accordingly. Most festivals in the autumns and summer period are the time while number of visitors or pilgrims increase—and rush goes heavy. If you love snowfall then arrive here in winters for a Vaishno Devi Yatra to avail dual benefits of pilgrimage and enjoying cool atmosphere. The Holy Cave of the Shrine remains open during this period as well so one may have unique experience in that period too. Pack heavy woolen clothes if starting Vaishno Devi Yatra in the wintertime of January and February months. Shrine area remains cold even in the summertime hence the Shrine Trust make it the point to provide blankets to all pilgrims. Make sure to wear canvas shoes with in the tour for the sake of getting better support to climb. Keep a stick to ease the climbing process. Various shops in Katra sell cameras, walking sticks, umbrellas and various other products which you may buy.


Take care of the below factors if you want to make a trip to Vaishno Devi pleasant and satisfactory too:

Yatra Parchi

Obtain the a Yatra slip at YRC near bus stand Katra besides getting permission for the video cameras for easiness.

Make best planning for the visit to reach there from Jammu for better accessibility

Keep minimum luggage while making the Vaishno Devi Yatra plan because it becomes difficult to travel there with additional or heavy weight. keep the items that can be best amenities to move on the track.

Make it a point to avoid polythene bags and throw wastes in dustbins to keep the environment clean.

Make sure to recheck the identity card of the Pony or Palki driver prior to hiring them.

Maintain total holiness and faith once you are out on the Vaishno Devi Holy trip. Make sure that you don’t involve in any quarrel or vulgar act. Avoid any type of accident while journeying. Don’t make unnecessary crowd on the Gate No. 01 and be assured that you start movement upon receiving the announcement for moving ahead.

Several functionaries are available to support when you make the trip to Vaishno Devi shrine. They are meant to turn your journey safer and hassle-free.  

Use the official website of the Shrine to mention any type of feedback, suggestions and for complaint registration.