Puja Schedule/Aarti

Time of Puja:

Both morning and evening time Aarti are practiced into this temple. The concept is that morning time Aarti must must be started before sunrise and likewise the one in the evening should start soon after the sunset. The members present in Aarti are priests, pujaris and the senior members of Shrine Board permitted inside.  


The whole process of Aarti remains lengthy and time taking. The pujaris inside the sanctum- sanctorum perform Aarti. Aatam pujan starts with the morning Aarti by the Pujaris which is but an attempt for self-purification. The process of bathing goddess with ghee, milk, water, sugar and honey is the next stage as denoted with Panchamrita Puja procedure. Ornaments are used to decorate the God thereafter besides using saree, chunari or chola to turn the Goddess beautiful. Pujaris chant shlokas and mantras during that process and finish it with tilak or sacred mark placed on the forehead of Goddess. Naivedya or Prasad is offered to here thereafter.

Darshans and Prasad:

Special puja is done for all the Gods and Goddesses in both morning and evening Aarti. There is popular belief that while this pooja goes one all the gods and goddesses join it inside the sanctum Sanctorum hence this puja is very much valuable. The divine lamp named Jyoti is lit to continue Aarti at this temple and is taken out by keeping inside the thaal to windup the Aarti process. All the items having been used in the Aarti is carried on this thaal besides Jyoti and taken out. All the pujans performed inside is listened by the yatris outside as mantras and shlokas uttered by the priest is spread out through sound system. Prasadam and charanamrit or holy water is distributed to the yatris outside once Aarti completes. It takes almost two hours to finish the whole process in morning and evening respectively. These are the times when Devi Darshans are suspended. Some special puja can be performed if devotees request for that. Log on to www.belhadevi.com for requesting special puja online for that online payment system is also available.