Security Arrangements

Proper security arrangement has been done by the state administration to maintain and control yatra. The security steps are strengthened further to ensure that pilgrims are provided with best of comfort. Key security steps include sufficient troop deployment that mixes both paramilitary forces and the police forces from local area. Other security steps include security force patrolling of track on regular intervals and monitoring so are proper vigilances done to ensure timely action could be taken in case any security breach is expected. Regular security drills are done in the area to ensure proper security of the region. The SMVDSB or Shrine Board’s security staff ensure that the Yatras are kept secure and well controlled with timely watchfulness for safety purpose. Common steps for security are X-Raying baggage of pilgrims and their thorough inspection through door frame metal detectors which assure complete security of pilgrims arriving in the Shrine area. All major locations of this Shrine is equipped with close circuit TVs and cameras.

Police forces from the local areas including Katra, Banganga, Adkuwari, Sanjichatt and Bhawan et al are often involved to maintain the security. Katra and Bhawan locations always have the presence of senior police officers and their team for better security arrangement.

In case there is pickpocketing, theft or any accident then the local police can be approached to resolve various such issues. The main bus stand at katra too has police assistance booth for security purpose.