Vaishno Devi Altitude Distances And Temperatures

Distances from Katra, Altitude w.r.t. Mean Sea Level & Average Temperature

Location Altitudes(ft) Temperature °C
Winter Summer
Min. Max. Min. Max.
Katra 2500 03 15 20 40
Banganga 2800
Charan Paduka 3380
Adhkuwari 4800 01 14 16 35
Himkoti 5120
Sanjichhat 6200
Bhawan 5200 - 02 13 15 30
Bhairon Ghati (Via Bhawan) 6619 - 03 11 12 25

Appropriate Season:

Although visitors can arrive in this shrine for the whole year but reaching here becomes difficult during wintertime when snowfall is common here.

How to Reach...


The nearest airport at Jammu is located at a distance of mere 48 km from Katra city   

One can board daily flights from Delhi and Srinagar to arrive here. The flights usually from the Indian Airlines link rest cities especially Chandigarh & Amritsar in few days of week for easy travel.  

Jammu station is nearest railway station from where trains from major cities Delhi, Kolkata and rest including those from far off Kanyakumari run. Other major cities also connect with it by rail route.  

Roadways: The roadways connects with Jammu terminus where buses from different parts of the state arrive.

Jammu to Katra: The timings for buses departing from the main bus stand in Jammu for Katra are regular and on the interval of every 10 minutes. This schedule continues from 5.30  am to 8.30 pm daily. Some additional buses are also run  during the rush period to cater to the travelling needs from Jammu to Katra and vice versa.  

One can hire private taxis to travel from Jammu to Katra. Such services are available from Jammu Airport, Railway Station at Jammu and the reception center of Tourism Department located at Jammu.

Where to stay:


The Shrine Board manages the Yatri Niwas meant for accommodation. Several hotels run by private parties are also available. The rent usually range from Rs.300/- to Rs.3000/- on daily basis.


The Shrine Board manages Yatri Niwas for the accommodation purpose. Some rest houses a\re also available which are managed and maintained by the Tourism Department of Jammu & Kashmir. Private hotels are also available.