Weather of Vaishno Devi

Although you may visit Vaishno Devi shrine anytime during the year but most suitable time to visit here is from the March to October months.

As subzero temperature is common and snowfall is usual in the wintertime from October to February months it is not the suitable time for a visit.

The cool and pleasant time to visit here is summertime from March to July months when large number of pilgrims arrive Vaishno Devi due to being most suitable time period.

The time period from August to September is of monsoon time when the whole region faces rainfall starting at medium to turning heavy over the period. Pilgrims are suggested not to arrive here during this period as mud slides remain common scenes. The natural beauty is the best in that period.

It is true that the Holy Vaishno Devi shrine can be visited by the pilgrims throughout the year but most suitable time is summer period when the atmosphere becomes cool and pleasant and there is no snowfall too. The natural beauty of this region scintillates during this period. As temperature dips down to freezing point during wintertime and snowfall is common it is not suitable to visit Vaishno Devi during the wintertime.